Award Winning Garden with Fountain Centerpiece

Much of a garden’s appeal lies in its ability to generate a feeling of complete peace and relaxation. For most people, this is one of the most important properties that a garden should possess. What better way to incorporate this than to have a water fountain centerpiece and steady flowing water that’s music to everyone’s ears?

This particular garden created by Fernhill Landscapes is the perfect escape if you just want to take the day off and unwind with the sound of steady flowing water. It was the winner of the 2003 International Landscape Design Gold Award for small residential design of APLD. Situated at the heart of the meditative garden is a beautifully constructed oriental zen-inspired fountain centerpiece with similar trimmings to its attached water works. The fountain carries a steady flow of water into the man-made riverlet. This exquisite award-winning garden can take the soul to a whole new dimension through a different kind of sensory experience, induced by the calming color scheme, balance of garden elements, and of course the stream of flowing water.

Subtle greens and a beautiful balance of textures, heights and shapes provide a perfect contrast to the natural warm and welcoming brown of the wooden water feature. The garden features some interesting plant life that make the entire garden come together. These include bamboo, boxwood, and ornamental grasses. Pebble linings are also placed to add more character to the already handsome garden. Mimicking the zen-inducing designs of the Orient, this garden is truly a perfect marriage of traditional and modern elements.

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