American Garden Award is a team of garden-loving environmentalists who want to encourage their fellow passionate individuals with green thumbs to be proud of their hard work and efforts by showcasing their gardens to the world. We want to celebrate both gardening and landscaping not just as a couple of hobbies, but as an actual way of life that people can certainly be proud of. A well-landscaped garden is a perfect marriage of design and life, and we, at American Garden Award, want to give credit where it is due and commend some of the best gardens America has to offer.

American Garden Award believes that an award-winning garden should possess the following qualities:

Visual Impact

A good garden is a visually-appealing garden. However, if you want your garden to rake in awards, it should make a lasting impact. What makes up visual impact, you ask? A lasting visual impact can be a combination of many things. Take your garden’s color scheme, for instance. It’s your role as a garden architect to make use of colors that complement each other. This includes the colors of your flowers, leaves, rocks, soil, and other garden elements.


A garden’s appeal has a lot to do with how it sets itself apart from other gardens. What makes this garden so special? What are the different breathtaking elements that make it different and have an overall lasting impact? It’s not really a matter of laying out unique decorative materials; it’s how you organize these materials to form not just a pretty picture but one with a bit of personality that will keep your guests talking.

Balance and Composition

The design of the garden should be well-thought out. You must take into account various factors such as balance and composition in order to come up with a meaningful, visually pleasing, and also multifunctional recreational space for people to appreciate. The garden should also be able to complement its surroundings. Playing around with different plant varieties, heights, and shapes is a great way to get the best garden layout and design.

Environmental Responsibility

A garden, albeit mostly aesthetic in function, should be able to support its plant life with ideal outdoor conditions. It must have the right soil, water, mulch, temperature and shade. Along with these, seasonal interest should also be put into the equation. The key to landscaping and maintaining a healthy garden is dedication and attention to detail. Being creative with your plant health resources is also one way to get ahead.

If you think your garden has all these qualities, feel free to send us an entry.